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Life is great when everything worx, when it fails, thats just not life - that's why we are here - to make sure it just Worx!
If you own a Mac, intend owning a Mac, changing Macs, upgrading a Mac, getting a Mac on track - call us!

Buying a second-hand Mac

MacWorx believes in pre-loved Macs. People dont sell Macs just because they dont like the product. They move them because they are moving on, into different spheres of their creativeness and other tools are now needed. Most of the Macs we get are parted from their owners with much regret. Some owners even get weepy. Some even wave goodbye and that's because they are loved.

I personally have migrated through 17 Macs in my life and as I sat here counting them up my heart was swelling with the experience I had with each one of them. I never hated any of them. So we coddle them and clean them up and change any worn components and bring them up to date with the latest and proven technology, and then add a bit more by offering a warranty on them. Not so with other computers, which normally are thrown disrespectfully out the door into the wide blue yonder for all to witness.

So give it some thought. In South Africa most of us want to own the very latest hardware. Cars, clothes and properties ... times have changed. I would not want to own some of the latest vehicles even if donated. Apart from being totally overpriced, my mechanic cannot service them. With Mac some people claim it to be overpriced, and there is no service available. We disagree. For PC there is tons of service available, but I would not hire 10 percent of that availability. As for the overpriced part, lets add up. Take a mid entry Mac. It has a free operating system installed on the machine - not costing an extra R1200. By using olny the Mac operating system supplied I can edit Movies, Pictures and DVD rom content. I can master movies, photographiic books and shows, edit and print all kinds of documents, edit photographs and audio, create and launch web sites. These ablilities in other operating systems are not there. You have to purchase packages ... add at least R3000 - and then we want all of this on our Laptop as well ... add on again, and soon the picture becomes clear.

So, a pre-loved Mac does not cost the earth, it still has all the software needed to get you going and will still carry a warranty ... that's why we think they are a good way to start and keep going or to migrate, and that’s what we do! geoffb