about us
Life is great when everything worx, when it fails, thats just not life - that's why we are here - to make sure it just Worx!
If you own a Mac, intend owning a Mac, changing Macs, upgrading a Mac, getting a Mac on track - call us!

Since there has always lacked a silver lining in the South African Mac environment, MacWorx was setup through necessity, with passion and integrity.

In the eighties, I owned an imaging company complete with movie studio and a still imaging department with pre-press and a colour laboratory all in-house. In the nineties, while running this show, I was introduced to a Mac IIci, costing all of thirty thousand Rand. A month later I decided to sell the business and soon was employed at Venture Computer which had been appointed official blue channel distributor of Apple product. Together with Core we would serve South Africa the entire Apple product range.

In the nineties everyone predicted Apple's downfall - and yet our theory was "Just give Apple some pocket money - and watch". Well the early 2000s saw the launch of Mac OSX and iPod - and the pocket money arrived. The Apple orchard bloomed. Venture was sold to Lexmark, Apple was placed under Core Business as sole distributor, and I was invited by Eastman Kodak to set up Kodak Digital for the African continent.

In the years that followed, DTP exploded into the world, Mac revolutionised motion photography and I launched Kodak Africa with my imaging and newly acquired Mac skills. However Kodak management was divided at the time and Kodak South Africa was just the same. Digital threatened analogue and we were the enemy. My Mac passion grew more fervent and soon I was to be on my own with Mac tools in hand to help you the proud new, or preloved, Mac owner.

So here we are in the second decade of the twenty first century with Mac in super shape and some lovely inventory to go with it. We are here to help you with much more than just hardware. We have been through the technological revolution and have experience with so much software, imaging tools, publishing, motion and web control.

Our aim is to help you successfully make your digital plans whatever they may be, so give us a shot and let's get acquainted! geoffb